You’ve made a big decision: you are ready buy a home. Whether this is your first home or you have purchased homes in the past, buying a home is exciting journey. However, buying a home may be your largest financial investment, and you want to make sure you get it right. You want a home-buying experience with a real estate agent who will understand your priorities, your likes, your dislikes and help you find you the right home.  You also want a home-buying experience with an agent who will be with you every step of the way from negotiating the best deal through the escrow process to the day you receive the keys.  How to make that happen? Knowledge is power. Discover the steps it takes to buying a new home and start your home purchasing journey today!


Before stepping into the home buying journey, you need to know how much home you can afford. Before the search begins is the best moment to select a lender and get pre-approved. Maybe you’ve already selected your lender and gotten pre-approved. That’s Great! Maybe you haven’t found a lender yet or just don’t know where to begin? Skip to step two, find the right real estate agent, and they will connect you to the right mortgage lender.


The first big step to buying a new home is selecting the right real estate agent. Focus on real estate agents who are familiar with homes in your desired neighborhood, and who you believe will work hard to get you the home you want. Moving to Southern Nevada? Ensure your real estate agent has roots and connections in the Las Vegas area, and has a plan to find the home of your dreams that works.

With Don you have a full-time real estate agent and REALTOR® on your team.  Don’s approach is based on a solid plan that all starts with a Buyer Consult. This meeting gives the client a sense of how Don works from the first day you meet to well after escrow and keys are in hand. The Buyer Consult will set the right expectations from the beginning, addressing the clients’ needs and wants, as well as education on the Las Vegas marketing and buying process.

When selecting a real estate agent for your home search in Summerlin, or anywhere else, don’t be afraid to shop around. Ask the tough questions and select an agent that will do the research, bring a gameplan, and go to bat for you to get the dream Summerlin home you’ve always wanted. Find a real estate agent who has the best experience, great relationships and support. Cramer Group is proud to be with Urban Nest Realty, an award winning Top-5 Brokerage in the Las Vegas Valley.  Urban Nest Realty places the relationship and client experience at the forefront.  These values are critical to the Cramer Group and the main reason we enjoy being a part of a progressive brokerage.


With Cramer Group on your team, Don understands whats important to you and will fight the good fight to get your dream Summerlin home. The real work of finding that dream home among the houses available on the market begins.  Sometimes, finding a home can be a tedious process.  Don focuses on curating a selection of homes based on your needs and wants discovered from the Buyer’s Consult. With a set of properties tailored towards your needs and wants, Don will schedule showings to view each home allowing you to narrow your selection to a final choice of homes you want to make an offer on and purchase.


Once you’ve found the house you want, and the price isn’t too far off, it’s time to make an offer and begin the negotiating process. This is where the best Las Vegas REATLOR® work harder than the rest to get you the best deal possible. The negotiation table is where good or bad deals can be made, make sure your real estate agent is working hard to get you a good deal.


Once the house sale is agreed to by both parties and the deal is made, it is crunch time to finish the final steps of the house buying process. The house will go into Escrow, which is just a fancy way of describing an agreement that is kept in the custody of a third party. In real estate, while a house is in Escrow, a third party will hold both the seller’s deed and the buyer’s fund while inspections and appraisal takes place.

With Don as your real estate agent, he is here to serve as the hub of communication to keep the process on a schedule and get your house to you asap. This includes making sure the disclosures are completed in a timely manner, getting the HOA docs over to you the buyer for review and approval, attending home inspections and appraisals, negotiations and repairs.  At this time, the full team will be in your corner, including Don as your real estate agent, your lender, and the escrow officer, working hard to get you and your dream home successfully through the process.  From the Buyer’s Consult Cramer Group was with you every step of the way.  Through the Escrow process, Cramer Group continues to be on point by attending the inspections, representing your interests during the appraisal and being with you at the Close of Escrow.


The Close of Escrow and final walkthrough are all that’s left to do at this time. Don will attend the the Close of Escrow and final walkthrough to make sure no stone is left uncovered. When the deal is done and the keys are in hand is the time to celebrate, move in, and start making the house your own. Don will be there as a resource for you after closing and move-in, to provide you with referrals to the best painters, household repair persons, and anyone else you may need to give your home a little love.

When home buyers start the home buying process in Las Vegas or anywhere else, this is the moment they look forward to most. How easy will the process be to move into the home of your dreams? There are a lot of factors that can affect the home buying process, but it all starts with choosing the right real estate agent to find you the home of your dreams in the neighborhood of your preference. Choose a real estate agent who will enhance the home-buying experience, listen to your wants and needs, and brings a modern business approach real estate.

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