Have a home in the Las Vegas area, or thinking about it? Let’s face it; there are a bunch of real estate agents working with clients in buying and selling homes across the Vegas valley. You’re looking for a full-time professional REALTOR, and you might be wondering, “Why Don and Cramer Group?” Don brings a few things to the table that others don’t have; his deep Vegas roots and background in the tech industry are just a few of the reasons that Don stands above the rest. He has a unique set of skills, (as Liam Neeson would say) and he is prepared to use them to find his clients the best real estate deal.

Deep Roots in Las Vegas

Don moved to Las Vegas 30 years ago and never looked back. Being a resident for 30 years, Don proudly acknowledges himself has a Las Vegan and understands the Las Vegas lifestyle. Locals know that things are different in Vegas and it’s important to work with professionals who understand the Las Vegas scene. Don knows the Las Vegas inventory. He’s seen the booms, and he’s seen the busts. Because of this, he knows how to better search, select and negotiate on behalf of his clients looking at Las Vegas real estate.

Don Cramer las vegas real estate agent reviewing listing information

Experience in the Tech Industry

In the tech industry, Don was a product manager and digital marketing consultant before going on to found a digital marketing firm. In these roles, it was his mission to understand the product and the buyer, and how to best price and market that product for the ideal buyer. That mission still applies today, where Don serves as the product expert for his clients. He understands the home, considers who built it, the design and space used, and how that home fits in today’s real estate market. Let’s face it, Don enjoys numbers and data, and he knows how to use that passion to assist his buying clients in making a well informed decision. For home sellers, Don will create a plan based on research and analytics to market their home both traditionally and digitally.

Different Approach to Real Estate

Don brings something else to the table that many real estate agents simply don’t think about. And that is an eye for design and attention to detail. As a boutique team, Cramer Group’s approach to buying and selling homes is different from other real estate agents.  Don keeps up with the latest trends in home design, decor and features that appeal to today’s buyers. For sellers he strives to feature each home listing in its best light. This includes appealing photography and compelling home descriptions to create an emotionally engaging listing and marketing his listings through a wide digital network.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, it’s essential to have a REALTOR who understands your needs and wants and can curate the a set of homes you are interested in. While other REALTORS are just now realizing the power of the web, Don’s experience in digital marketing and product placement sets him apart from the rest. From growing families who need more space to empty nesters looking downsize and everyone in between, Don takes the time to find the best deals for every client. Don knows a good deal or a bad deal when he sees one and will advise his clients what to look for in both good and bad deals.

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