Deciding to sell your home is no small matter, and you can’t just trust anyone with the job of selling such a big investment. If you are about to begin the exciting journey of buying a new home, you will very likely need to sell yours first. When you’ve decided now is the time to sell your home, there are many factors to take into consideration. The question becomes, where to begin? Discover the steps it takes to sell your home in Summerlin, Las Vegas and most other places in the U.S.

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Some people try to sell their house on their own.  Others look for a discount broker or an iBuyer to bring them an immediate offer. While these options sound easy at first blush, you may not have all the information you need to make the right decision.  Having an expert real estate agent, can present you the options to selling your home. A real estate agent should bring to the table knowledge, familiarity with the neighborhood, the housing market and a plan to market and sell your home. When looking for a real estate agent in Las Vegas, do your research and find an agent who has the best marketing strategy for your house.  With Don, you receive his years of experience digital and product marketing separates himself from all the other agents. Don sits down with you for a Seller’s Consultation where Don presents you with information on the real estate market in your area, how to prepare your home for sale, a comprehensive plan to market it to potential buyers and how Don is with you ever step of the way of the selling process.

When selecting a real estate agent to sell your home in Southern Nevada, or anywhere else, don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions and find an agent that will work hard to sell your home. Don with Cramer Group will do the research, bring a game plan, and go to bat for you to sell your home at the best possible price. Don is proud to be an agent at one of the leading Brokerage in Las Vegas, Urban Nest Realty, a Top 5 Brokerage.


With Cramer Group on your real estate team, the next move before your house goes on the market is to maximize the appeal of your home. Remember, it’s all about first impressions and creating an impact to potential buyers. Don will help you identify the repairs and home improvements to consider in making your home stand out. Additionally, this is a great time to begin packing personal effects and items you don’t need everyday. Homes freshly cleaned and uncluttered give buyers a chance to think about how they may use the space. Before a selling price is settled on, Don prepares a competitive market analysis on your home so you know how the market is performing in your area and establish the best selling price when it is time to list your home for sale. All in all, by the time this step is over, your home will be prepared and ready to show at a price in keeping with the market.


Marketing your home is the most important step when it comes to selling your house. After all, if you’re going to sell your home, you want it to be marketed to every potential buyer looking for similar homes and/or similar neighborhoods. Don goes above and beyond in the marketing of your property. Don understands the need for photography that peaks the buyer’s interest.  He provides prospective buyers the information and property details to explain why this home strongly worth considering.  Being with Urban Nest Realty Don brings a potential buyer base rivaling any real estate brokerage in Las Vegas.

While Don strives to raise the bar on the basics, it is the digital marketing strategy that is Cramer Group’s Unique Value Proposition.  Through our social media channels, website presence and knowledge in using sites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and others, our expertise in digital marketing takes selling your home to the next level.


As offers are received Don will review each offer with you so you understand the pros and cons of what is being proposed.  In some cases the price may be right, however, the terms may not be in your best interest.  Having a professional real estate agent on your team helps you in considering every offer with you without sacrificing the marketing of your home.  Once you have found the offer you want to accept and move forward with, Cramer Group represents you in the negotiation of a purchase agreement suitable to all parties involved.


Negotiations are done and you and the buyer have come to an agreement. Now is the time in which the house will go into Escrow. While a house is in Escrow, a third party will hold both the seller’s deed and the buyer’s fund while inspections and appraisal take place. This protects both you and the buyer so the house deed can safely and securely be transferred.  With a purchase agreement in place, Cramer Group becomes the communication hub following up reminders and deadlines as you go through the Escrow process with your home.  As inspections and the appraisal takes place, Don will be in attendance representing you as contingencies are met.


Once all the contingencies have cleared and the buyer’s funding in place, final walkthroughs, final signatures, transferring the keys and other important information to the buyers are all that’s left to scheduling Close of Escrow.  Cramer Group is there for the final phase to support a smooth closing, allowing you to move onto your next home or stage in life.


(I came – I saw – I sold)

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